Use & Care

Hand Woven & Hand Printed

Textiles are 100% preshrunk cotton, made entirely by hand using Indonesia’s traditional weave process. Due to the hand-crafted nature of the products, exact repeat or pattern alignment cannot be guaranteed and slight imperfections will exist.

Smudges and spots are often present, and because only natural dyes are used, slight bleeding of color may occur. Dye lots can have major variations and will not match from order to order; therefore, customers must order initially a sufficient quantity of fabric to complete a job. In relation to samples, not all patterns are available in all colourways. However customers will, where possible, be provided with the design and also a further sample in the chosen colour, should the design not be available in the selected colourway.

Slub & Textured Range

these hand spun, hand woven fabric with multi-colored dyed fibres are woven to a very special effect. Slub is a unique way of hand crafting the fabrics where the hand spun yarns have varying thicknesses at regular or irregular intervals. Many times, multicolored yarns are used. The concept of yarns containing a high count of slubs is one of the textural and style alternative. While retaining an overall smooth texture, slub creates a pattern of fuller lumps in the yarn itself.


hand spun, hand woven cotton fabric has an added value of being cooler, softer, more absorbent. It breathes better than machine made cotton fabric. It has a textural beauty and visible character which is not present in machine made fabric.


to ensure uniform dye penetration and to remove the dust particles, cotton yarn and then fabric is washed several times. Depending on this, the shrinkage ranges from 10-12% for fabrics, in the life of the fabrics.


the cotton fabric is very simple to wash. It gets softer and more absorbent with every wash.

  • Hand wash cold with a gentle liquid soap.
  • Wash reds and blues separately the first few times.
  • Line dry in shade; prolonged exposure to sun can cause fading.