Textile Artist

I have worked with textiles over a number of decades, experimenting with different materials and techniques. My textile pieces now incorporate mainly linen and cotton fabrics with piecing, appliqué and stitching as the preferred techniques. The use of colour is a very important aspect of my work. My most recent work uses Reece Scannell’s screen-printed photographic textiles. These have lead me to use more thread painting and embroidery techniques.

Using the photographic textiles presents new challenges. Previously, a design for a textile piece would evolve from an idea or be inspired from something I had seen. However, with the screen prints, an image is presented which requires careful analysis:

  • What is the textile imagery saying to me?
  • What is the story behind the piece?
  • What are the main design elements (line, shapes etc) in the piece?
  • Should the piece be left whole or segmented?
  • What techniques will best portray the story to be told?
  • The final design will depend on answers to all of these questions.

I have exhibited my work over the years in Australia, USA, UK and Canada, winning a number of awards in Australia and USA.