La Mariee Couture

Statement and Techniques

I chose this textile as it said two things to me. The first thought was an art class with a nude female form as a model. The second thought was those curves belong to a fashion model. So I chose to transform my linen piece into a French Dress Salon “ La Mariee Couture “. I transformed the room with paint and hand embroidery. I researched the history of dressmakers models and discovered that they were made of metal.?

So I drew these and embroidered them. Then I added a handbag and gloves as they would have been part of the fashion scene. Finally I dressed the lady with transparent lace, just enough to keep the beautiful curves and enhanced them with lace. Finally I quilted the piece to enhance the body shape. Work completed 2020


Linen Screen Print Panel. So Fine thread. Hobbs cotton batting.