Textile Artist Writer Teacher

I was born in New Zealand about the time that most Kiwi girls were born with a pair of knitting needles in their hands. My claim to fame is the pale green 3x3 cable jersey I knitted after lights out at boarding school (and not a slipped stitch in sight). My grandmother and mother were avid knitters and crocheters and I guess that has rubbed off.

I have worked with threads and other fibres all my life traversing through various related activities intertwined with raising children, university studies and school teaching. Since 1993 I have worked as a full time textile artist. I started The Thread Studio in 1995 because I could not buy the threads I wanted to use. I now have a shop to select from. Every thing we sell is because I want to use it.

I have completed City and Guilds Stitched Textiles Level 3 Certificate and Level 3 Diploma. both with distinction. This course encouraged and enabled me to explore and experiment with both traditional and contemporary techniques in embroidery. I am always trying to improve my skills to develop works involving both hand and machine stitching and art.

My work involves the use of the domestic sewing machine and experimental mixed media. Sometimes things works and other times not but they are all part of my exploration. Some will disappear never to be seen again and others may develop. I also spend a lot of time exploring the Embellisher machine as a means to create cloth and have published a book on creative ideas for use with this machine.

I am currently fascinated by fragments and distortions but also attracted to the colour and beauty of silk and I love to work with the soluble fabrics which have revolutionised the world of machine embroidery and to play and explore and experiment with fibres, felts and fibrous papers. I am often distracted by side paths because they lead to other adventure.

I have taught extensively - in high schools for many years, and independently, since 1993. I teach regularly throughout Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada and on-line. In my business - www.thethreadstudio.com - I have been an extensive proponent of textile art in Australia and have broken the boundaries as a pioneer in this arena and moving textile art away from the 'craft' notion. The site has a gallery devoted to textile artists as well as a very popular on-line workshop programme.