What Will I Be ?

Having visited the Kaachh area of India, and seen the array of textiles and embroideries from there, I chose the print that reminded me of conversations we had with women in the villages. All those women were determined that their stitch traditions should survive, but all knew the “outside” world was influencing their communities more and more. It seemed to me the child in the print was asking what would she become.

Using sequins and motifs bought in India as well as other bright cords I had to hand, I began my decoration of the clothing.  All the women of that area wore veils which is why I chose to use the translucent fabric over the mother. Then, as in India, just add more bling! Hence the scattered sequins.


Couching, applied motifs and sequins.


Linen screen print panel, sequins, rattail cord, soutache braid, cotton embroidery threads, purchased motifs, translucent polyester fabric.