Once you see a product you would like to order please refer it into a email or phone us, with quantity for quotes or orders. Then check that the email address you provide to us is correct and that both your billing and delivery addresses are completed fully. Advise which method of payment you require and your postal chosen so the postage can be worked out.

International Ordering

Please contact us info@reecescannell.com for further information or use the contact form.


Product Information

All due care and attention is given to ensuring that all product information displayed on our website is correct and up to date, including pricing and technical information.

Minimum Order Quantities

Minimum orders are usually given in metres.

  • Plain textiles is 50cm or 19½.
  • Continuous prints is 50cm or 19½.
  • Block individual fabrics are listed on the website.
  • Panel print 1.5mtr or 59½inch
  • Panel print 0.75mtr or 29½inch

Payment Term

Pricing is GST inclusive and is in Australian Dollars. Payment may be made by and or by credit card. Payment will be deducted immediately on order. Reece Scannell will place product orders upon receipt of monies. Orders resulting from email, invoice or quote allow for payments by Direct Bank Transfer, cheque or money order (made payable to Reece Scannell) however product orders will not be placed until these funds are cleared.

Delivery Time

Actual delivery time will vary based on the number of days it takes the carrier to deliver your package from our studio in Sydney Australia to your particular address. We ship via Post, upon order you will receive order tracking information for your order via email. It is our goal that you will receive your order within 7 business days of order placement. (We usually ship within 2-3 business days). Your shipment originates from a 2039 zip code.
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Post Prices

  • Parcel Post 500g to 1kg Satchel $15 Pack Parcel Post Small
  • Parcel Post 3kg to 5kg Satchel $20 Pack Pargel Post Large
  • Express Post 500g to 1kg Satchel $20 Pack Express Post Small
  • Express Post 4kg to 5kg Satchel $25 Pack Express Post Lagrge