About Jan Frazer

Internationally Acclaimed Art Quilter

Jan’s quilting experience began more than 35 years ago in Knoxville Tennessee.

Jan takes inspiration for her quilts from the natural beauty of her beachside suburb, from architecture, gardens and even art pieces in a gallery. Jan utilises a number of techniques in her quiltmaking, often incorporating machine embroidery and thread work into her projects. “I love to play with the wide range of threads that are now available. I used to dye my own fabrics but now I prefer to use that time creating quilts,” Jan explains. more than a hundred quilts and many awards later, Jan’s quilts are nearly all her own designs. She uses a lot of colour and many fabrics within a project. In fact, the more the better, Jan says.

Describing her style as contemporary, Jan admits to still loving the traditional designs. I love strong colours and this is manifest in many of my quilts. Recently, I challenged myself to make a few pieces using more neutral colours. Nature is my main inspiration for colour. In nature almost anything goes and I try to apply this approach to my use of colour in quilts.

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Jan Frazer Portrait

Floral Flashback Wall Quilt

Floral Flashback - Award winning quilt by Jan Frazer. It won 1st place in the Small Wall Quilts, Innovative/ Art section Paducha - Kentucky 2016 and is the 2017 Cover of the American Quilters Society Calandar

Jan has been using Reece Scannell Textiles in her many colourful masterpieces .For all the people who have done our colour workshops. Its time to get inspired. Get those fabrics you bought from us out and put that knowledge to work.

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