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We have been in the creative field for over 20 years.

Our unique textiles are used by Artists and Quilters all over the globe.

Please take time to view our articles, it will give you a clear understanding of how we design and produce our textile range, and who uses them.

Metting of Design Minds

Quilters Companion Issue QC No. 74 VOL. 14 NO. 4

By Reece Scannell with Noriko Endo
In January this years, I decided it was time to take our textiles along with Jan Frazer's and Ann Langley's quilts to a new frontier - Tokyo.

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Quilters Companion  Page NO 4 | Meeting of Design Minds


Great Australian Quilt Magazine - Issue No.5

Reece Scannell has been bringing beautiful shot-cottons fabrics, whitch look like silk, to the quilting market for more than seven years. He has also introduced a beautiful range of Australian flora prints on shot cottons.

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Great Australian Quilt Magazine Articles No.5 | Featured

Reece Scannell on Colour

IntoCraft Studios - Pages 1 to 7

When introducting Reece Scannell, it's probably simpler to list what he hasn't done. His creative background is vast and his depth of knowledge on colour, combined with his photographic and fashion design background have definitely play a part in creating uber inspiring fabric designs.

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IntoCraft Studios Magazine | Reece Scannell on Colour

Expecting the Unexpected by Reece Scannell SYDNEY AUSTRALIA

Fabric Studios Cloth Paper Scissors - Pages 1 to 7

Before my career in textile design, my background was photography. I was associated with academic istitutions, such as Sydney University. My work is part of the Collection of the National Library Australia; the Australian Film Istitute; and the Australian Film, Television, and Radio.

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Fabric Studios Article | Expecting the Unexpected

An Interview with Reece Scannelll & Lesley Chaston

Give & Take a Multi-media Collaboration - Pages 1 to 7

I first saw Reece Scannell' stunning fabric while on trip to Melbourne, Australia. I was fascinated by how strikingly original and graphic the designs are and how the colors and textures of the base fabrics pefectly complement the printed images.

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Give & Take | A Muti-Media Collaboration An Interview with Reece Scannell and Lesley Chaston  Articles1 - page1


Great Australian Quilt - Issue No.5

Reece is particularly pleased when he sees his fabrics in quilts and says they’re beging used by more creative contemporary quiltmakers. I have been fortunate to collaborate with some of Australia’s finest quiltmakers and they have all played an important role in decision making and planning he adds.

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The Biggest Quilt Show on Earth!

IntoCraft Studios - Pages 1 to 2

Reece Scannell visited and sent us some pictures to share with you. Thank you Reece!

Reece has only one word to descibe the show..... Awesome!!!! Reece Scannell designs fabric, specialising in cotton that look like silk. His exclusive material is available at the Australia Quilt Convention 2015 and he will also teach a Colour Workshop at this event.

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intocraft Studios Magazine Articles Pages 1 to 2 | The Biggest Quilt Show on Earth!

Reece Scannnell keeps it classic and simple Karen Honson writes

Canberra Times - Fashion

In the mode for colour, His label, Mode in Australia, is based around classic, simple style, for women over 35. “It is about loose-fitting clothing which looks good and feels great,” he says.

He is also introducing a new woven tapestry fabric in four vibrant colours for winter

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Canberra Times - Fashion | Reece Scannnell keeps it classic and simple. Karen Honson write.