1 Day, Six Hours, 20 Participants, Suitable for All Levels Beginner to Advanced.

The aim of this 6 hour project is to gain a heightened understanding of colour through a set of comprehensive and challenging exercises dealing with the use of colour in history, art, architecture, fashion and textile resulting in the creation of an individual and personal colour reference system applicable to quilting.
The workshop covers colour theory, the symbolic meaning of colours, identification of colour base sources, likes/dislikes, period/ethnic colours, defining life times through colour.

Different effects of light and colour through nature in the Australian landscape. What is a grey scale? How to use it.

Understanding intensity, the colour wheel, contrast and harmony. Your personal relationship to colour: associations and emotional response. Creating illusion with colour and quilt and textile analyses.

Jan Frazer will present several award winning quilt masterpieces.

No Machines Needed
No Machines Needed