Jan Frazer Small Wall Quilt

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Floral Flashback

is yet another award  winning quilt winning  quilt by Jan Frazer. It was 1st place in the Small Wall Quilts, Innovative/ Art section

Floral Flashback Wall Quilt

Jan has been using Reece Scannell Textiles in her many colourful masterpieces.

Reece Scannell advice for all the quilter

who have done our colour  workshops. Its time to get inspired. Get those fabrics you bought from is out and put that knowledge to work.

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Colour Workshop

Tutor: Reece Scannell and Jan Frazer

  • Skill level: All
  • Material fee: $50

Gain a heightened understanding of colour through a set of challenging exercises and create your own individual, personal colour reference system using a kit of textile samples. Learn colour theory, colour base source identification, the symbolism of colour and defining life tomes through colour – plus the different effects of light and colour thorough nature across the Australian landscape. Explore the grey scale, understand the colour wheel, its personal relationship to colour – emotional responses and create illusion with colour. Jan Frazer will also analyse several award-winning quilt masterpieces.

Jan Frazer VIC

Jan’s quilting journey began more than 35 years ago in Tennessee when her husband was working there and, unable to work herself, she booked into some patchwork classes. Now, after more than 100 quilts and multiple awards, Jan designs colorful contemporary quilts, Hand and machine work, embroidery and applique are all part of her repertoire, but her use of colour is a distinctive element. Jan most recently won The Quilters’ Guild of NSW Inc – Viewers’ Choice Award for her work, Persian Panoply.


Reece Scannell holds a Post Graduate in Professional Art Studies and Gallery Management and a Commercial Photography Certificate, and as exhibited his work nationally and internationally. In the last 10 years Reece has channelled his experience with film and light into the production of handmade and hand-printed textiles. He sees this as a natural progression, adding, “The basics of colour can be learned. How personally interpret colour is what makes us unique in our creative statements”. Read more at www.reecescannell.com

BERNINA Sew & Go Workshop

It’s a Wrap! – Fabric by Reece Scannell

Cotton that feels like silk’

  • Something for all ocassions seasons ages in endless combinations
  • Eight ways to wear a Wrap!
  • Chique, Executive, Demure, Funky, Arty, Every Day.
Bernina Brochere of Sew & Go Workshop
Reece Scannell Textiles & Design

Monsteriosity – by Jan Frazer

Posted by Material Obsession – Kathy Dougthy
This artquilt was one of my favorites at the show. Jan has given me permission so show you this quilt which I love for many reasons. Great shapes for the leaves, combined with nice balance of color and beautiful applique…all finished with just the right amount of quilting.
Jan used the Reece Scannell shot cottons to make this inspired piece. It isn’t a surprise that she won a prize for Use of Color as well as for an Art Quilt. I was taken to a place as soon as I saw this and then fascinated when I realized the fabrics. I very much enjoyed looking at this quilt.
Monsteriosity - Create by Jan Frazer
Reece Scannell Shot Cottons
Monsteriosity – Create by Jan Frazer
Reece Scannell Shot Cottons