Reece Scannell’s Textiles as Art

Artists have taken Reece Scannell’s elegant internationally recognized photorealistic fabric prints and made them in their artworks.
This collaboration starts with the medium of photography and includes fabric design and a diverse range of textile art techniques.

First the photographer (Reece Scannell) has taken an image and then, in the role of fabric designer, he has had these images printed onto linen. The result is striking fabric panels which make unique textile artworks.
The artists who have worked with Reece Scannell in this project are Jenny Bowker, Dijanne Cevaal, Saffron Craig, Sue de Vanny, Jan Fraser, Julie Haddrick, Kay Haerland and Dale Rollerson.

To take the process a step further, Reece has passed the fabric on to award winning textile artists and quilters. Each artist has then applied their own design insights to create a new work. Each one has had a completely different approach; from using the printed panel as a background the embellish and embroider, to adding new elements to the point where the original image fades and is almost unrecognizable.

Techniques includes quilting, machine embroidery and hand stitch.
See the display at Melbourne Craft & Quilt fair, July 26 to 29, next to the Reece Scannell stand.

AQC 2018 Quilt Show

This year’s Quilt show is an eclectic mix of the best international and Australian pieces.

Textiles as Art
Presented by Reece Scannell Designs; artists have taken Reece’s elegant internationally recognided photorealistc fabric prints and them their own.

Starfish Sparkle Quilt Kit

2½in Precut Strips

Ann Langley of Wentworth Falls NSW, designed this quilt using a combination of Reece Scannell 2½in precut strips and also Reece Scannell starfish patterned fabric.

The bright colours in the precut strips set off the starfish fabric perfectly.

Ann Langley of Wentworth Falls, NSW, designed this quilt using a combination of Reece Scannell 2½in precut strip.
Finished size: 150cm x 150cm (58in x 58in)
Finished block size: 25.5cm (10in)

Expect the unexpected in hand printed textiles

Reece Scannell came into the textile business after an illustrious international career as a photographer with his pictures featuring in premier exhibitions in Australia and Europe.

Expect the unexpected in hand printed textiles
Expect the unexpected in hand printed textiles

His passion for fashion lured him from behind the lens, but Reece has applied a similar focus on unique, one-off imagery in hand screening textiles for clothing, interior design, quilting, patchwork and other forms of crafting.

Reece’s textile work is as fascinating as his background with his photographs being featured in renowned collections at the National Library of Australia, the Australian Film Institute and the Australian Film, Television and Radio School.

He has even participated in archaeological expeditions to Greece and Egypt with resulting photographic exhibitions in the British Museum.

Reece Scannell Mode in Australia is now ranked in the top Australian design companies with his outstanding creativity in lifestyle fabrics, including hand woven shot cotton with individual threads dyed to create a distinctive silky sheen effect.

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Bottlebrush Breezeway


Jan Frazer of Elwood, Vic, made this quilt from shot cotton and linen fabrics from Reece Scannell

The shot cottons fabrics look like silk: the solids comes in gradated colour and the stripes are quite dramatic. Reece also design panels featuring Australian native flora that are screenprinted on both linen and shot cotton.

The printed panel used in this project features a bottlebrush design in three colours printed on linen. Double-striped linens in grey, light brown and chocolate are also incorporated.

Finished size quilt: 138.5cm x 123cm (54½in x 52in) | Article Cover about Bottlebrush Breezeway Project.
Finished size: 138.5cm x 123cm (54½in x 52in)