• Thursday – one day classes
  • Tutor: Reece Scannell & Jan Frazer
  • Skill level: All


Back in 2016 by popular demand: Grain a heightened understanding of colour through a set of challenging exercises and create your own individual, personal colour reference system using a kit of textiles sample.

Lear colour theory, colour base source identification, the symbolism effects of light and colour through nature across the Australian landscape.

Explore the grey scale and how to use it, understand the colour wheel, its intensity, contrast and harmony. Discover your personal relationship to colour, become aware of emotional responses and learn tho create illusion with colour.

Jan Feazer will also analyse several award-winning quilt masterpieces.


Expect the unexpected in hand printed textiles

Reece Scannell came into the textile business after an illustrious international career as a photographer with his pictures featuring in premier exhibitions in Australia and Europe.

Expect the unexpected in hand printed textiles
Expect the unexpected in hand printed textiles

His passion for fashion lured him from behind the lens, but Reece has applied a similar focus on unique, one-off imagery in hand screening textiles for clothing, interior design, quilting, patchwork and other forms of crafting.

Reece’s textile work is as fascinating as his background with his photographs being featured in renowned collections at the National Library of Australia, the Australian Film Institute and the Australian Film, Television and Radio School.

He has even participated in archaeological expeditions to Greece and Egypt with resulting photographic exhibitions in the British Museum.

Reece Scannell Mode in Australia is now ranked in the top Australian design companies with his outstanding creativity in lifestyle fabrics, including hand woven shot cotton with individual threads dyed to create a distinctive silky sheen effect.

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