Shot Cotton | Slubs Cotton

An inspiring mix and match system of high quality cottons.

Beautifully reflective with a soft rich silk like sheen. This extensive colour range of shot cottons in 9 colour ways is graded from deep gemstone to soft pastels. It adapts well to both contemporary and traditional styles.

Shot Cotton Over 100 Colours
Reece Scannell Shot Cottons

Paneled cotton wrap skirts

Hand Printed Embroidered Hand

In unusual textile combinations with additional hand made techniques. Some embroidered . Some hand printed and some hand woven. Irregularities in these technique form part of the garments unique beauty.

Wrap Skirt
Hand Printed Wratah, Maroon
Wrap Skirt
Hand Dyed, Purple
Wrap Skirt
Weave Ikat, & Stripe, Orange
Wrap Skirt
Embroidery, Weave Stripe, Flower
Wrap Skirt
Hand Printed Spot, Blue
Wrap Skirt
Multicolour Weave, Pink ,