Gallery 76 Exhibition Launch

Dionne Swift Collective Stitches Exhibition

Collection by Dionne Swift.
Visit us at:
76, Queen St. Concord
May 30 2019.
NSW | Australia

Here’s a few photos of opening night of the Dionne Swift Collective Stitches Exhibition. An amazing collection of international works of heavy machine embroidery. If you are a lover of innovative textile art , this exhibition is a must see. For Sydney siders the collection is on show at Gallery 76 in Concord. Its near the station and so easy to get to. I have attended some really good textile exhibitions at this new venue which is dedicated to textile excellence. I suggest getting yourself on their mailing list for future exhibitions. It’s a beautiful modern space with easy access.

Gallery 76 Exhibition Launch
Gallery 76 Exhibition Launch
Dionne Swift
Dionne Swift
Opening Night Groud
Opening Night Groud
Opening Night Groud
Opening Night Groud
Innovative Textile Art
Innovative Textile Art
Innovative Textile Art
Innovative Textile Art
The Embroiderers' Guild NSW Inc
The Embroiderers’ Guild NSW Inc

Jan Frazer – New Artworks

Two new works at AQC this year by Jan Frazer. Demons and Angels and Wheel be Seeing You . Jans work is highly regarded nationally and internationally. Last night Jan’s talents were formally acknowledged at the AQC annual dinner where she was awarded the Rajah Award for her consistent performance of excellence in textile art. Jan is on the stand today along with her amazing artworks . We are very proud to have her on our team . She is a specialist on our art fabrics and uses them in her textile masterpieces.

Kay D. Haerland

Why Are We Standing Here ?

This year we have on display at AQC a new textile work by Kay Haerland called ‘Why Are We Standing Here’ it’s a must for the cat lovers out there and it’s a fun work of art. Kay is such a skilful artist. The diversity of the many personalities in this family portrait have been created through Kay’s mastering of techniques applied to the textile.

And here she is at AQC today …The creatot of ‘Why are We Standing Here?’ . The lovely Kay Haerland

Australasian Quilt Convention Melbourne 2019

It’s been a huge two days at AQC Melbourne. We have had had great response at our stand in the traders Pavillon. In the galleries Sue de Vanny has her remarkable rendition of an elephants head ‘Deceptive Markings’ on display in the Best of Best. While Julie Haddrick presents a collection of her best works as last years Rajah Award winner. One of which is Rock Paper Stitch : The Dying Slave. An extraordinary textile art work. I am proud to be associated with these masterpieces as they were derived from the RS photographic textile panels and are part of the Transformations Exhibition which toured Australia last year and is now booked into international events and is heading OS.

Sydney Stitches and Craft Show

The 2019 Sydney Stitches and Craft Show is on and its the last today. Exhibition Centre Hall 5 at the ICC Darling Harbour. This year we have a magnificent  collection of new textiles and spectacular textile artworks on display which include new works  by Kay Haerland, Dale Rollerson, Jan Frazer and Ann Langley. Our display includes a mix of hand printed open weaves, lustrous shot cottons and elegant Linens along  with modern exotic textile artworks flavoured by Ancient Rome and Egypt . If you are looking for inspiration these works will more than do the job.

Artworks Quilting
Jan Frazer Flora Fleshback and Kay D Haerland New Cats Artwork
Artwork Display
Stchiches and Craft Show | Quilting Kits Avaibles
Art Quilt and kits Quilt
Artists Works: Jan Frazer and Kay D Haerland & Kim Boland

Kit Avaible
Texitles Linen & Open Weave Cottons Bolts
Linen & Open Weaves Textures $ 75.00 per 100cm or (39½ inch) x140cm (55 inch)

Contac us +61 2 98185018 Office Hours

Deceptive Markings by Sue de Vanny

Here’s a sample of what textile artist Sue de Vanny can do with a Reece Scannell photo textile panel . It’s amazing . Originally a scene of statues in a garden in a Viennese palace.  Now an embellished elephants head . This evocative piece radiates sadness of the elephants plight in its beautiful detailed thread work .

Deceptive Marking by Sue de Vanny | Art Quilt
Deceptive Marking by Sue de Vanny | Art Quilt

Awarded first prize in the Victorian Art Quilt Awards

The piece will join the Transformations : Photorealism in Thread Textile Art Collection in future exhibitions along with more contributing artists . You can see this masterpiece along with many other treasures at the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair Melbourne Convention Centre.

Vietorian Quilters | Showcase 2018
Vietorian Quilters | Showcase 2018

Photorealism in Thread Art Gallery

Intocraft Blog

Reece Scannell’s Textiles as Art

Artists have taken Reece Scannell’s elegant internationally recognized photorealistic fabric prints and made them in their artworks.
This collaboration starts with the medium of photography and includes fabric design and a diverse range of textile art techniques.

First the photographer (Reece Scannell) has taken an image and then, in the role of fabric designer, he has had these images printed onto linen. The result is striking fabric panels which make unique textile artworks.
The artists who have worked with Reece Scannell in this project are Jenny Bowker, Dijanne Cevaal, Saffron Craig, Sue de Vanny, Jan Fraser, Julie Haddrick, Kay Haerland and Dale Rollerson.

To take the process a step further, Reece has passed the fabric on to award winning textile artists and quilters. Each artist has then applied their own design insights to create a new work. Each one has had a completely different approach; from using the printed panel as a background the embellish and embroider, to adding new elements to the point where the original image fades and is almost unrecognizable.

Techniques includes quilting, machine embroidery and hand stitch.
See the display at Melbourne Craft & Quilt fair, July 26 to 29, next to the Reece Scannell stand.

Transformations – Photorealism in Thread

Featuring works by Saffron Craig, Dale Rollerson, Julie Haddrick, Sue de Vanny, Kay D Haerland, Dianne Cevaal, Jan Frazer, and Jenny Bowker.

Textiles and Photography by Reece Scannell


Hosted by Expertise Events in April 2018 at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens Melbourne and in June 2018 at  the International  Convention Centre Darling Harbour Sydney. A third Exhibition will be held at the Melbourne Convention Centre in July 2018.

The exhibition is also now featured on our website for information and details visit


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AQC 2018 Quilt Show

This year’s Quilt show is an eclectic mix of the best international and Australian pieces.

Textiles as Art
Presented by Reece Scannell Designs; artists have taken Reece’s elegant internationally recognided photorealistc fabric prints and them their own.