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The finished quilt size is 69 x 69 inch square. (Each individual block is 6.5 inches square).



Many of the fabrics used in each of the blocks are from Reece Scannell’s Pre Cut Range of Shot Cotton Bundles ( Jelly rolls ), Shot Cotton Applique Packs and Neutrals. The Book and Textiles will be available for purchase at the Australasian Quilt Convention at the Reece Scannell Stand 162 from April 5 - 8.

Jen Wulf will be conducting floortalks each day: 11.30am Thursday and Friday, 1.30pm Saturday and Sunday and then signing books at the Reece Scannell Stand.

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Each of the unique blocks remembers an Australian town and a trailblazing woman who lived in the town

Quilt Blockwork Details 01
Quilt Blockwork Details 02
Quilt Blockwork Details 03
Quilt Blockwork Details 04
Quilt Blockwork Details 05
Quilt Blockwork Details 06
Quilt Blockwork Details 07